Living with Fibromyalgia – Memory

Sometimes it feels like I’m slipping.

I forget things. The day of the week. When I showered. Names and facts. It’s incredibly infuriating. What used to be near instant now requires searching, and sometimes it’s not there. I forgot an appointment a month or two ago even though I got a reminder for it. I feel like everything’s behind a wall of steam, like a mirror after a hot shower.

My constant headache doesn’t help; it just makes things worse. Complexity is now the bane of my head, making it painful and sometimes hard to focus. I find myself trying to shake cobwebs out when there shouldn’t be any.

I’m fairly smart and so it feels like someone decided to make me swim in unmelted butter when I should be racing in water. Old information has to be refreshed again and again to come back and stay. I feel distracted and not present at times, like I’m searching for nothing.

My brain seems filled with fraying cables.